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Why Choose Us?


REAL Scientists.

REAL Business Owners.

REAL Artists.

Too often, consulting firms gather employees untrained or minimally trained to handle their clients needs. They generally lack any expertise in Science, Business, or the Performing Arts. And if they have some training, many consultants have not ever conducted an experiment, operated their own business nor performed in any theatrical production. You wouldn't take your Jaguar to a heart surgeon for repairs? 

Now, of course, there's likely a few surgeons out there who can also repair your car, but c'mon that is not the norm.

You can trust our consulting, because we've been there ... and done that. In fact, we are STILL doing that. We currently operate or have successfully operated two restaurants, a wine shop, an alterations shop, an apparel boutique, a record label, a publishing company, a dance studio, and modeling and acting school. Our team includes professionally trained models and dancers, theatrically trained actors, musical artists, music producers, a master seamtress, a fashion designer, PhD Candidate in Energy and Environmental Systems and Economics, a wetland Scientist, an Economist, a web designer, a social media guru ... why would you go elsewhere?


We are ... Expert of what was.

Pioneer and Liaison of what should be.

Coined by Manoj Bhargava, "expert of what was" is definitely a befitting descriptor for our consulting paradigm. However, what makes us different and invaluable to your growing business, corporate, and entrepreneurial ventures, and its viability, is our focus on critical thinking and strategic planning. Core to our academia in the field of Leadership Studies, we specialize in the "what should be" lens. Further, we believe that "what should be" CAN be. Because we are visionaries and innovators, complacency in "this-is-how-we-have-done-it-for-years" status quo consulting models is the absolute opposite of our consulting approach. We assert evolution is an inseparable component of business viability. We also acknowledge that we do not and can not possibly know everything. Instead of talking AT our clients, we facilitate critical thinking opportunities and guide the participative coaching and training sessions toward business enlightenment. If you're seeking a consultant who can help you be, merely, the best face for your company, THEN CONTACT THE OTHER CONSULTING FIRMS.


If, instead, you're seeking to transform your Human Resources approach, Administrative productivity, Cost of Goods Sold efficiency, Corporate Formalities like annual reports and quarterly NC DOR returns, and overall Corporate viability, then ...

Contact us today for a consultation and we'll tell you more.


ONE Vision. 9 Concepts.

As visionaries, for all intents and purposes, our intense purpose is to "S.I.P. slow; Go, grow." What does that mean? Straightly, S.I.P. is acronymous for "strategic implementation plan." That being clarified, we have set our objective compass toward "slow, deliberate, thoughtful, strategic planning" and allowing the benefits afforded by the same to actively grow us ... again, on purpose. As we continually undergo this strategic calibration of sorts, we are best positioned to serve as an invaluable asset into perpetuity for our clients, both professionally and holistically. Clearly, we take business enlightenment pretty seriously. Our academia teaches us that transformation is a visionary philosophy or future perspective. We have proven that transformation is considerably feasible in real time ... for all. You need only embrace it; call us today!


Ethics are centrally important to us.

We are especially proud to acknowledge that we've had only one complaint over the span of 15 years. And it was resolved amicably.

We know that without clients ... we cannot thrive. 

Our entire mission is rooted in transforming starving artists into THRIVING ARTISTS! And it applies to us, as well. 

We offer Ethics, Diversity, Justice and Inclusivity training, as well. Sessions are available for individuals and groups.


We LOVE what we do!

We know how corny it sounds, but WE DO! 

When our clients' businesses grow, we pass along the gift of true FREEDOM! And we are NOT stingy!


Much like justice,

we believe ECONOMIC FREEDOM should be enjoyed by ALL!


Our rates are reasonable!

And our services are PRICELESS!

For this reason, we do NOT discount excellence.

However, through evolving our paradigm to transition toward the virtual dymanism of new age commerce, we have modeled our virtual courses, coaching sessions and memerships in a way that affords especially affordable rates to YOU!


Also, because our services are directly regulated by governing state and federal policy, our rates are generally subject to the standards set by law for Scientists, Economists, Legal Professionals and Business Advisors. Remember, when you CHOOSE US, you gain the benefit of the fidcuiary duty owed by professionals LIKE US who are required by law to give a certain standard of quality in service to its clients. This means that our rates are NOT unpredictable regarding inflation. Our price is OUR PRICE, and generally always so!

These virtual centric adjusted make our services more affordable during the pandemic. We remain in solidarity with business owners during this time.

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