Tigress is a verb, huh?!

It's like that. Life is short and tomorrow is NOT promised. I've relearned this valuable lesson many times over when losing my love ones year after year. So, I chose to LIVE a fulfilled life.

Emphasis on FULL!

My parents encouraged me to believe that I could achieve any goal. My mom exemplified quality of life. I just picked up what they put down. I'm tigressing. Want you join me? 

Now, foremost, BUSY AIN'T BUSINESS! So, this is NOT about an insatiable pursuit of perfection. This is about enlightenment and maximizing your unique potential and safely exploring life's vastness of experiences.


I've learned that with time management, organization, humility, resolve, empathy and love, I can EMPOWER the life in me.

I hope to EMPOWER the LIFE IN YOU as well!

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