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The UnTalk

Too often, consultants "feed" entreprenuers and aspirants only just enough to be them completely dependent upon their services, knowledge and expertise.


We do NOT subscribe to that considerably antiquated and ineffective consulting model. Accordingly, in this playlist, you'll find virtually all you'll need to know to:

  1. Start,

  2. Grow,

  3. and Establish you business as viable.


It remains in the cloud ... completely compli/ementary.


Please also consider joining our SIPreneurs' Club where you gain a support system for accountability and expertise on the specific needs and obstacles you will likely face over the course of the life of your business. It's only $50/monthly. 


Also, we are excited to announce our Exclusive Q&A Forum, called THE UnTalk. Also too often, consultants offer only workshops through which they lecture you and Q&A periods are, at best, the span of the last 10 to 20 minutes of a workshop. You can't possibly get your questions answered under that model, and you're left still wanting and dependent. We have created a forum that is 100% Q&A session. Afterall, we've already provided you with the foundational information you will need, and in a concise organized manner to enhance comprehension and retention. We know that lines of businesses vary, and it is impossible to tailor our advanced pre-recorded or LIVE sessions to befit the unique needs and obstacles of every business. This is why we've established THE UnTalk. Sessions are 2 hours, and we guarantee to completely answer at least 2 of each particpants' questions. For more information and to register, visit our website. Goddspeed and CHEERS TO YOUR ECONOMIC FREEDOM!

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