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policy, terms & conditions

Corporate Structure

We are incorporated in the State of North Carolina. Our principal office is located in Charlotte, NC.

Policy, Terms & Conditions

Policy is explicitly articulated in all service contracts; as are terms and conditions, which are inherent to the same. Because services vary, policy, terms and conditions may likewise vary.

For this reason, there is not one standard set of policy, terms and conditions to promulgate. However, we adhere to all governing laws for our line of business. We expect the highest of standards from our clients, just as we observe the highest standards for our own commitment to integrity and our core thrusts in servicing the business needs of our clients. Thus, be assured that our clients are sufficiently informed about policy, terms and conditions BEFORE we execute service contracts. After all, such meeting of the minds is legally required. Remember, the academia and experience of our consultants generally qualifies us as fiduciaries. We take great pride in adhering to our fiduciary duties.

Copyright and Infringement Notice

Legitimacy is the hinge pin of our corporate mission and vision, and moreover core to our consulting paradigm and advisement to our clients, affiliates, and joint venturers. Accordingly, as we teach against infringement of others copyrighted work, albeit trademarks, written and published works, musical recordings, utility design and the like, we expect that you shall observe the same level of high ethical and legal regard for our copyrighted works, whether registered formally or secured via first in commerce.

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