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Too often artists starve. Contrary to popular belief, "starving artist" is NOT an endearing term. We believe one's talent is indeed a viable commodity, and as such, should be employed toward entrepreneurial viability. We teach artists how to adjust their perspective toward economic principles and freedom. We love and appreciate the Arts. We know that the Arts industry is a billion dollar enterprise. We also know that most artists are NOT billionaires ... nor even millionaires ... oh who are we kidding, most aren't even clearing 40K annually. We have borrowed academic training and professional expertise and experience from our unique innovative paradigm to lend the guidance and support artists, aspiring to be entrepreneurs, need to be financially stable, and even economically viable. If IP (intellectual property) is an increasingly profitable industry, why not an artists' talent?! Correct us if we're wrong (and we assuredly are NOT) but we reckon ART would be a bit LESS artistic without the ARTIST. No, we are NOT inciting an artist revolt, rather renewing the perspective of commoditization. If anyone, we think the artists should benefit from value of their talents, at the very least. NO MORE STARVING ARTISTS! Ready to thrive? Contact us today!


We offer the same extensive services detailed above:


Because we are classically and otherwise professionally trained theatre/performing artists, models, dancers, voiceover and television actors, who have actually worked in both mainstream and INDIEpendent entertainment and theatre arts, our insight and advisement rivals that of iconic artists from the far-reaching U.S. coastal entertainment capitals of New York and Hollywood.


We provide:

  • Image Consulting for Photo Shoots 

  • Composition/Zed Cards

  • Tear Sheets

  • Our signature trademarked eResume 


Our experience in both, performance and instruction, includes:

  • Dance and Choreography (Modern Jazz, Lyrical, Liturgical, African, Latin, Ballroom, Line, Universal, Hip Hop, Cheerleading Regulation)

  • Acting (Theatre - Slaptick, Sattire, Drama, Comedy, Musical; Voiceover; Commercial Advertising and Television)

  • Modeling (Still, Fit, Fashion, and Hair) 

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