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how else can we ...

assist you?!

Indeed, there is more to our private corporation, but we like to think of it all as "simple math." Reason being, our subsidiary concepts entail services and products that are directly related to our core thrusts. Effectually, the "other stuff we do" are complementary goods and services to our core offerings. For instance, because we offer business consulting, we also offer graphic design for logo branding and marketing media. And because we offer performing arts consulting, we also offer eResume platforms for freelance artists. We believe that if you buy coffee from us, why would we send you to another store to buy cream and sugar ... especially if we can efficiently provide those complementary goods! Coffee PLUS Almond Milk PLUS unprocessed cane sugar EQUALS a satisfied client and a "healthy" thriving business. A satisfied client is also a repeat client ... or, even better yet, a bragging one. And either way, we see nothing but balance and positivity from that economic equation. It's simple really - the ABCs of fundamental economics even. We have the academia, skill set and experience. Add us to you, and multiply your purpose and entrepreneurial aptitude.


Our interdisciplinary fixation is your asset.

It may appear to be a lot, but we handle the complicated so that you can benefit from the simplified paradigm.


We operate nine subsidiary concepts. Click here for details about each concept, including services and/or products. To schedule a consultation or request services and products, submit inquiries using the link provided for each concept. Contact us also on Twitter or Instagram using the link provided or by using the hashtag for each concept (i.e. #1of9 for Natural Rhythms Pub. Co or #2of9 for Eargasm Records). Please allow 24 hours for response.

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