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1 of 9. Ya Veras Publishing Company

Insight by dim light. Enwrite for life. <> See we write.

Our mission is to self-actualize the full potential of intuitive creativity, and enwrite and capture inspired ingenuity in audio/video recording. Our vision is to produce really good, thought-provoking, ingenius, artistic and
literary works that enlighten the masses.


Services and Products:

  • Freelance writing - Creative, Technical (Scientific), and Promo Media

  • Audio Books of Poetry

2 of 9. Eargasm Records

Vienes conmigo. <> See we create.

Our mission is to make ORIGINAL music, write ORIGINAL lyrics, perform ORIGINAL songs, and employ ORIGINAL artists. Our vision is to maintain INDIEpendence, and remain economically and artistically viable. Purchase Tigress' downable albums at Google Play. Limited edition autographed copies of Tigress' 2015 Anthology Video Album available until December 5, 2015. We record exclusively at Roland Professional Sound, Inc. located in Winston Salem, NC.


Services and Products:

  • Live Vocal Performances - Anthems, Ceremonies, & Entertainment

  • Music Albums & THE First EVER INDIE Video Album 

3 of 9. Choreographic

... Building INDIE lives. <> See we perform.

Our mission is to build artistically and exclusively INDIEpendent lives in the Arts, and marry Arts and Economics and Entrepreneurship.

Our vision is to transform starving artists into thriving artists via business acuity, legitimacy, and high ethical standards.


Services and Products:

  • Choreography - Theatre Blocking, Dance, & Modeling(Hair/Fashion)

  • Graphic Design - Logo/Branding, Print Media & General Design (PS)

  • Coaching - Fashion/Print Modeling, Acting, Modeling & Pageantry

  • Contractor For Hire - Modeling, Acting (TV/Theatre), VoiceOver 

Be advised that we are the common law (first in commerce legal doctrine) owner of the trademark, "Drink water and mind your business," which was knowingly, unlawfully trademarked by a party in Florida. We are pursuing remedy and relief. Any products bearing our trademark that you may see advertised for sale by fake or otherwise perpetrator social media accounts are unauthorized. Please bring any such accounts to our attention, and we'll remedy and relief where and to the extent necessary.

4 of 9. Bestaurants Etc & Bars Above Par

We double dare you to follow your passion. <> See we gather.

Our mission is to establish restaurants above par and offer menus with holistic dietary practices that rival mainstream standard dishes. Our vision is to bring people BACK together through the PASSION of the culinary arts. Our projects include Passion Fruit Wine and Jazz Bar, launched in May 2009 and the FIRST EVER For Profit Arts Cooperative, Passion Live, launched November 2013 in Historic Downtown Greensboro, NC.



  • Passion - Restaurant and Bar Above Par

  • Passion Live - THE First EVER For Profit Arts Cooperative (Re-Launch Date TBA 2016)

  • Passion Fruit - Wine and Jazz

5 of 9. Genesis 3:7 Apparel Company

In the beginning, should've been fashion. <> See we amp.

Our mission is to manipulate basal garment construction concepts with simple and yet boldly unexpected alterations to create designs that bring out one’s inner strut. Our vision is to pioneer gaudy as sophisticated and haute couture that can be worn any given day.


Services and Products:

  • Apparel for Sophisticated Women (See "Buy Other Stuff" Link)

  • Company Paraphernalia (Corporate and 5 of 9)

  • Custom Garment Construction (By Appointment Only || b.a.o.)

6 of 9. Ya Veras Media

Light is a noun ... and a verb. <> See we shine.

Our mission is to create unrivaled positive media content which is entertaining, enLIGHTening and relatable to diverse audiences. Our vision is to enLIGHTen and promote character development, emotional intelligence, inner well-being and holistic health.


Concepts and Services:

  • Radio Programming - Lo Dice Y Que Talk Radio Show

  • Contractor For Hire - VoiceOver (Sports, Venues, Commercials, Etc)

7 of 9. All This Junk In My Trunk

You know you want all of this. <> See we transform.

Our mission is to retail junk from our trucks' trunks that has been repurposed, recycled or restored and made otherwise new for and "to you." Our vision is to make “what goes around comes around” positive and permeate the culture of sustainability and holistic living.


Services and Products:

  • Repurposed Junk - Painting, Distressing, Hardware Update, Etc

  • Personal Shopping/Thrift Training (We teach you Junk vs. Treasure!)

8 of 9. Wise Wind Consulting

Get your Q'GED' in business viability. <> See we empower.


She's long-winded...but her wind is wise.

A play on an actual GED (General Education Development) diploma, Tigress "Queen Get 'Er Done" McDaniel coined "Q'GED" to represent the unrivaled interdisciplinary focused business viability training program she has taught to adults, pre-teens, and teenagers alike.


She is a third generation entrepreneur, and loves everything "business," having also ascribed to her are colloquialisms she coined in her wittyly refreshing humor to summarize entrepreneurial focus and grit:


* "Drink water and mind your Business."
* "She's very 'business.'"
* "Busy Ain't Business."


She admits that she may indeed be long-winded on occasion because she loves to empower aspiring entrepreneurs ... but her wind is wise.


Our mission is to provide business consulting and administrative services toward entrepreneurship, business acuity, and economic viability. Our vision is to produce moguls through an interdisciplinary approach toward viability utilizing individualized skill sets. Call today for $25 consultation.



  • Business Viability (Entrepreneur & Corporate Training/Consulting)

  • Economic Forecasting 

  • Strategic Planning and Implementation

  • EnviroSustainability and B Corporation Certification

  • Performing Arts Consultants (We specialize in training artists from all sectors of the Arts and Entertainment Industry who aspire to be entrepreneurs how to manage their talent(s) as a commodity and thrive.) 

9 of 9. 522 Philanthrophy

Do good ... just because. <> See we evolve.

Our mission is to do good ... just because. Our vision is to bring into full fruition the audacity of hope and self-actualization. Current projects include Queen of Hearts, Southern Hospitality (TSHP) and Angels Unaware.


Follow us on Twitter @the_arc and Instagram @abovegroundrailroadinc and Like us on Facebook @theabovegroundrailroad


PSA: We have notified the NC Secretary of State that we shall not proceed upon renewal of our solicitation license and will not solicit donations, because we are transitioning The Aboveground Railroad Commission Incorporated, currently incorporated in the State of North Carolina as a non-profit, to a privately owned for profit C Corporation. We shall fuel our efforts with merchandise sales. Join us in the "good fight" for Black Equity and Empowerment, and Demarginalization of Disadvantaged Communities.


The YouTube Channel exclusive to The Aboveground Railroad Commission Incorporated is slated for launch this winter 2020!


Join us, and get your ticket! Conspicuously. Rightfully. Uhuru!


Click the link provided for further details and to join our mailing list.


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