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We seldom mince words ... so why start now?! Sustainability consultants with NO Science academia, training and experience are like Medical Doctors with no Biology coursework or training ... Engineers and no Math. It's especially and justifiably odd. Our Sustainability Consultant is not only an advanced academically trained and experienced Scientist ... she is also currently pursuing the Federal Licensure for Sustainability Scientists. She has served as a Lead Scientist for Savannah River Site Nuclear Power Plant, the National Park Service and private environmental firms, during and after her academic career. Research projects have included nuclear waste mitigation services and implementation, refuse cells management and conversion, wetland bio/phytoremediation and husbandry, and investigating pesticide leaching from residential applications.


When you need to bust a ghost, "who you gonna call?"

We ALL know WHO to call!

So, when you need to go green, embrace environmental stewardship and comply with new environmental policy, CALL US.

We ain't afraid of no waste! 


We offer a wide array of complementary services:

  • Going Green Sustainability Office Management and Staff/Exec Training

  • B Certification Preparation/Application Support and Expert Verification

  • Wetland & Hydrophyte Identification/Management Training, SpongePark or Wetland City Consulting, Planning & Implementation, Wetland Positive Exploitation & Integration (Work In Harmony With Architects, Developers, Farmers and City Inspection/Zone Officials Et Cetera), Built Environment, Hydroelectric Energy Solutions

  • Collaborative Applied Science Research, Development & Implementation

  • Holistic Science Based Validity Certification

  • Strategic Implementation for Wetland Mitigation

  • Public Good Valuation & Strategic Implementation To Mitigate Negative Externalities

  • Rural Development (Agriculutral & Environmental Applications)

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