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business startup & viability

As our slogan goes - "our ONE thing is MANY." However, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial viability is our driving force. Every successful, viable entrepreneur needs an expert strategist to guide planning and implementation. Why hire a full-time staff member to service your needs ... as subcontractors, we are an invaluable asset to your firm. For nearly half of what you pay an employee annually, we provide the services you KNOW that you need ... and more importantly, those services you DON'T KNOW that you need. When you do that benefit-cost analysis, our benefit to you is priceless. We'll even show you how to put the price for our services into your price to your customer base, and ethically so.


We embrace continued learning as core to our scope of duties. Our efficacy is guaranteed because we continue to grow on purpose, which serves as a renewable resource to your firm. And no, you will not receive a corrected invoice for tuition reimbursement. Allowing us to lead the business enlightenment process, you can focus instead on running your firm with greater ease. Minimizing your labor costs and maximizing your working and investment capital, and authentic profits - not just padded bookkeeping ledgers - are realized and maximized. Success and viability is, then, a reasonable byproduct of our consulting paradigm and services.


We offer a wide array of complementary services:

  • Business Set Up (We believe the "start up" begins in your mind. And we help you bring it into fruition.

  • Incorporation/Charitable Solicitation Licensure Et Cetera

  • Legitimization: IRS (EIN, Structure), NC DOR (Withholding & Sales & Use & Wholesale), DUNS# Acquisition and Proper Maintenance/Coaching, City Privilege Business Licensure, Certificate of Assumed Name Use Registration, Copyright/IP and Registration, Field/Expertise Certification Research, Preparation, Application Registration

  • Business Plan Coaching, Preparation & Investors (Angel/Venture Capitalists)Targeting

  • Business Branding

  • Service & Product Identification and Strategization, Commoditization and Merchandising, Pricing (Costs of Goods Sold), Economic Forecasting, Benefit/Cost Analysis 

  • Marketing and Publicity (Social Media and Mainstream) 

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