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Our mission is to do good ... just because. Our vision is to bring into full fruition the audacity of hope and self-actualization. Current projects include Queen of Hearts, Southern Hospitality (TSHP) and Angels Unaware.

Our vision is to help good prevail and transform civilization's trajectory toward enlightenment and grounded humane spirituality.

This concept works directly with our affiliate corporation,

Aboveground Railroad Incorporated.


PSA: We have notified the NC Secretary of State that we shall not proceed upon renewal of our solicitation license and will not solicit donations, because we are transitioning The Aboveground Railroad Commission Incorporated, currently incorporated in the State of North Carolina as a non-profit, to a privately owned for profit C Corporation. We shall fuel our efforts with merchandise sales. Join us in the "good fight" for Black Equity and Empowerment, and Demarginalization of Disadvantaged Communities.


The YouTube Channel exclusive to The Aboveground Railroad Incorporated launched in 2022. We recently announced our series on A REVISED BLACK CODE: Strategizzing Solutions for Black America, which include community buzz sessions regarding REPARATIONS, HEALING AND CESSATION OF INFIGHTING, INTERSECTIONALITY ISSUES, BARRIERS TO THE DIASPORAN MONOLITHIC MINDSET and much more!




Conspicuously. Rightfully. Uhuru!

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