A play on an actual GED (General Education Development) diploma, Tigress "Queen Get 'Er Done" McDaniel coined "Q'GED" to represent the unrivaled interdisciplinary focused business viability training program she has taught to adults, pre-teens, and teenagers alike.


She is a third generation entrepreneur, having been first introduced to entrepreneurship by her mother, and loves everything "business," having also ascribed to her are colloquialisms she coined in her wittyly refreshing humor to summarize entrepreneurial focus and grit:


* "Drink water and mind your Business."
* "She's very 'business.'"
* "Busy Ain't Business."


She admits that she may indeed be long-winded on occasion because she loves to empower aspiring entrepreneurs ... but her wind is wise.


Our mission is to provide business consulting and administrative services toward entrepreneurship, business acuity, and economic viability.


Our vision is to produce moguls through an interdisciplinary approach toward viability utilizing individualized skill sets. Call today for $25 consultation.



  • Business Viability (Entrepreneur & Corporate Training/Consulting)

  • Economic Forecasting 

  • Strategic Planning and Implementation

  • EnviroSustainability and B Corporation Certification

  • Performing Arts Consultants (We specialize in training artists from all sectors of the Arts and Entertainment Industry who aspire to be entrepreneurs how to manage their talent(s) as a commodity and thrive.) 

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