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Our mission is to build artistically and exclusively INDIEpendent lives in the Arts, and marry Arts and Economics and Entrepreneurship.

Our vision is to transform starving artists into thriving artists via business acuity, legitimacy, and high ethical standards.


Services and Products:

  • Choreography - Theatre Blocking, Dance, & Modeling(Hair/Fashion)

  • Graphic Design - Logo/Branding, Print Media & General Design (PS)

  • Coaching - Fashion/Print Modeling, Acting, Modeling & Pageantry

  • Contractor For Hire - Modeling, Acting (TV/Theatre), VoiceOver


Our pilot Performing Arts school laubched in Greensboro, NC has closed. We will be relaunching in Charlotte, NC. Join our mailing list by using the Contact Us form below to receive updates for opening, enrollment and much more.

*Be advised that we are the common law (first in commerce legal doctrine) owner of the trademark, "Drink water and mind your business," which was knowingly, unlawfully trademarked by a party in Florida. We are pursuing remedy and relief. Any products bearing our trademark that you may see advertised for sale by fake or otherwise perpetrator social media accounts are unauthorized.


Please bring any such accounts to our attention, and we'll seek remedy and relief where and to the extent necessary.

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