Welcome to the evolution of consulting.

We are REAL Scientists.

REAL Business Owners.

REAL Artists.


Our vision is to EMPOWER the POSITIVE! 

Accentuation is NOT sustainable.

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To provide expert knowledge in the Arts and Entertainment, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and Business Economics, beit academic, experiential or common-sensical, and pioneer ethical, innovative approaches toward business viability while facilitating and otherwise liaising the process of business enlightenment to the end that our clients can become as efficient and effective as Queen Get 'Er Done, if not expectedly more, and ultimately self-sufficient.

Our Services

 Real Scientists. Real Entrepreneurs. Real Artists. 



Thankfully, "going green" is no longer merely trendy, and instead a lifestyle priority. Allow us to guide your transition.

Business Startup & Viability

Surviving is just not sufficient. You deserve to thrive. Schedule your complimentary consultation today!

Performing Arts

We know theatre, music, dance, modeling, acting. Stop googling "how to" and call us to realize "how far" you can go!


Business. Operations. & Administration. Remotely. Done. 

Need a B.O.A.R.D.?

We can help!



The acronym, S.I.P. has several meanings. Shelter In Place? Strategic Implementation Plan? 

We can help you do both!

Our 9 Concepts

Our one thing is many. And that "many" becomes your asset when you choose us!



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