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    "I may be long-winded, but my wind ... is wise."

    ~ Tigress Queen Get 'Er Done McDaniel, CEO/CFO ~

    Business Establishment

    We offer individual and package services, including but not limited to:

    • Entity Education and Establishment (Incorporation, Bylaws, Partnership and Joint Venture Contracts etc)
    • Register of Deeds Filings (Certificate of Assumed Name Use for Corporation etc)
    • State Sales & Use and Withholding Registration and Periodic Tax Filings 
    • Licensure Identification, Verification, Application and Renewal Consutling
    • Web Design, Hosting Consulting, and Web Marketing and Click and Mortar Development
    • Business Identity (Logo, Trademark, Slogan Creation and Copyright etc Registration)
    • Business Branding, Commoditization and General Marketing (Print, Web and Social Media)

    Business Viability

    • Entity Maintenance, Growth and Legitimacy Credibility (Annual Report Filings and Other Filings Required For NC SOS, Revisions, Amendments etc)
    • Basic Entity Taxation Education and Tax Return Consulting
    • Business Trade Line Establishment and Viability
    • Strategic Planning and Implementation
    • General Virtual Operations Administration and Human Resources 
    • Corporate Executive and Support Team Training, Quality Control, and Problem Resolution 
    • Economic Forecast, Micro and Macro Management and Strategic Commoditization

    "Our business is YOUR business."

    Your dreams of being your own boss and commoditizing your brilliance are only a phone call or email away.  

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