• One Vision

    "Hi, I'm Sue... And You! I've been accused of having names that undeservingly portray my efficacy ... so, if Tigress or Queen Get 'Er Done intimidates you, then call me Sue. My efficacy is reason for my nickname ... not the other way around. If you're looking to get things done, I'm the unrivaled choice.

    We believe true economic freedom lends toward happiness. Our pursuit is YOUR happiness."

    ~ Tigress Queen Get 'Er Done McDaniel, CEO/CFO ~

    We are ... Expert of what was. Pioneer and Liaison of what should be.

    Coined by Manoj Bhargava, "expert of what was" is definitely a befitting descriptor for our consulting paradigm. However, what makes us different and invaluable to your growing business, corporate, and entrepreneurial ventures, and its viability, is our focus on critical thinking and strategic planning. Core to our academia in the field of Leadership Studies, we specialize in the "what should be" lens. Further, we believe that "what should be" CAN be. Because we are visionaries and innovators, complacency in "this-is-how-we-have-done-it-for-years" is the absolute opposite of our consulting approach. We assert evolution is an inseparable component of business viability. We also acknowledge that we do not and can not possibly know everything. Instead of talking AT our clients, we facilitate critical thinking opportunities and guide the participative coaching and training sessions toward business enlightenment. Contact us today for a consultation and we'll tell you more.


    To provide expert knowledge in the Arts and Entertainment, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and Business Economics, beit academic, experiential or common-sensical, and pioneer innovative approaches toward business viability while facilitating and otherwise liaising the process of business enlightenment to the end that our clients can become efficient and effective as Queen Get 'Er Done, and ultimately self-sufficient.

    ONE Vision

    As visionaries, for all intents and purposes, our intense purpose is to "S.I.P. slow; Go, grow." What does that mean? Straightly, S.I.P. is acronymous for "strategic implementation plan." That being clarified, we have set our objective compass toward "slow, deliberate, thoughtful, strategic planning" and allowing the benefits afforded by the same to actively grow us ... again, on purpose. As we continually undergo this strategic calibration of sorts, we are best positioned to serve as an asset to our clients, both professionally and holistically. Clearly, we take business enlightenment pretty seriously. Favor and Vision. Done ... or at least "doing!"

    Business Viability and Strategic Planning & Implementation

    As our slogan goes - "our ONE thing is MANY." However, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial viability is our driving force. Every successful, viable entrepreneur needs an expert strategist to guide planning and implementation. Why hire a full-time staff member to service your needs ... as subcontractors, we are an invaluable asset to your firm. For nearly half of what you pay an employee annually, we provide the services you KNOW that you need ... and more importantly, those services you DON'T KNOW that you need. When you do that benefit-cost analysis, our benefit to you is priceless.


    We embrace continued learning as core to our scope of duties. Our efficacy is guaranteed because we continue to grow on purpose, which serves as a renewable resource to your firm. And no, you will not receive a corrected invoice for tuition reimbursement. Allowing us to lead the business enlightenment process, you can focus instead on running your firm with greater ease. Minimizing your labor costs and maximizing your working and investment capital, real profits - not just padded bookkeeping ledgers - are realized and maximized. Success and viability is, then, a reasonable byproduct of our consulting paradigm and services.


    We offer a wide array of complementary services:

    • Business Set Up (We believe the "start up" begins in your mind. And we help you bring it fruition.
    • Incorporation/Charitable Solicitation Licensure Et Cetera
    • Legitimization: IRS (EIN, Structure), NC DOR (Withholding & Sales & Use & Wholesale), DUNS# Acquisition and Proper Maintenance/Coaching, City Privilege Business Licensure, Certificate of Assumed Name Use Registration, Copyright/IP and Registration, Field/Expertise Certification Research, Preparation, Application Registration
    • Business Plan Coaching, Preparation & Investors (Angel/Venture Capitalists)Targeting
    • Business Branding
    • Service & Product Identification and Strategization, Commoditization and Merchandising, Pricing (Costs of Goods Sold), Economic Forecasting, Benefit/Cost Analysis 
    • Marketing and Publicity (Social Media and Mainstream) 

    Performing Arts and Entertainment Entrepreneurship

    Too often artists starve. Contrary to popular belief, "starving artist" is NOT an endearing term. We believe one's talent is indeed a viable commodity, and should be employed toward entrepreneurial viability. We teach artists how to adjust their perspective toward economic principles and freedom. We love and appreciate the Arts. We know that the Arts industry is a billion dollar enterprise. We also know that most artists are NOT billionaires ... or even millionaires ... oh who are we kidding, most aren't even clearing 40K annually. We have borrowed academic training and professional expertise and experience from our unique innovative paradigm to lend the guidance and support artists aspiring to be entrepreneurs need to be financially stable, and even economically viable. If IP (intellectual property) is an increasingly profitable industry, why not an artists' talent?! Correct us if we're wrong (and we assuredly are NOT) but we reckon ART would be a bit LESS artistic without the ARTIST. No, we are NOT inciting an artist revolt, rather renewing the perspective of commoditization. If anyone, we think the artists should benefit from value of their talents, at the very least. NO MORE STARVING ARTISTS! Ready to thrive? Contact us today!


    We offer the same extensive services detailed above:


    Because we are classically and otherwise professionally trained theatre/performing artists, models, dancers, voiceover and television actors, who have actually worked in both mainstream and INDIEpendent entertainment and theatre arts, are insight and advisement rivals that of iconic artists from the far-reaching U.S. coastal entertainment capitals of New York and Hollywood.


    We provide:

    • Image Consulting for Photo Shoots 
    • Composition/Zed Cards
    • Tear Sheets
    • Our signature trademarked eResume 


    Our experience in both, performance and instruction, includes:

    • Dance and Choreography (Modern Jazz, Lyrical, Liturgical, African, Latin, Ballroom, Line, Universal, Hip Hop, Cheerleading Regulation)
    • Acting (Theatre - Slaptick, Sattire, Drama, Comedy, Musical; Voiceover; Commercial Advertising and Television)
    • Modeling (Still, Fit, Fashion, and Hair) 


    EnviroSustainability, Ecological Mitigation & Wetland Phytoremediation

    We seldom mince words ... so why start now?! Sustainability consultants with NO science academia, training and experience are like medical doctors with no biology coursework or training ... engineers and no math. It's especially and justifiably odd. Our Sustainability Consultant is not only an advanced academically trained and experienced scientist ... she is also currently pursuing the Federal Licensure for Sustainability Scientists. She has served as a Lead Scientist for Savannah River Site Nuclear Power Plant, the National Park Service and private environmental firms, during and after her academic career. Research projects have included nuclear waste mitigation services and implementation, refuse cells management and conversion, wetland bio/phytoremediation and husbandry. When you need to bust a ghost, "who you gonna call?" So, when you need to go green, embrace environmental stewardship and comply with new environmental policy, call us. We ain't afraid of no waste!


    We offer a wide array of complementary services:

    • Going Green Sustainability Office Management and Staff/Exec Training
    • B Certification Preparation/Application Support and Expert Verification
    • Wetland & Hydrophyte Identification/Management Training, SpongePark Consulting, Wetland Positive Exploitation & Integration (Work Well With Architects, Developers, Farmers and City Inspection/Zone Officials Et Cetera)
    • Strategic Implementation for Wetland Mitigation
    • Public Good Valuation & Startegic Implementation To Mitigate Negative Externalities

    QGED Participative Sessions and Speaking Engagements & Presentations

    We are available for:

    • Speaking engagements (Radio, College/University, Public/Private Schools, Organizations, Ceremonies, Etc);
    • Participative corporate, small business firm and one-on-one training; 
    • And formal presentations (College/University, Public/Private Schools, Organizations, Ceremonies, Etc)

    Contact us for a consultation today!

    ... But What About All That Other Stuff We Do?!

    Indeed, there is more to our private corporation, but we like to think of it all as "simple math." Reason being, our subsidiary concepts entail services and products that are directly related to our core thrusts. Effectually, the "other stuff we do" are complementary goods and services to our core offerings. For instance, because we offer business consulting, we also offer graphic design for logo branding and marketing media. And because we offer performing arts consulting, we also offer eResume platforms for freelance artists. We believe that if you buy coffee from us, why would we send you to another store to buy cream and sugar ... especially if we can efficiently provide those complementary goods!  Coffee PLUS Almond Milk PLUS sugar EQUALS a satisfied client. A satisfied client is a returning client ... or, better yet, a bragging one. And either way, we see nothing but balance and positivity from that equation. It's simple really - the ABCs of fundamental economics even. We have the academia, skill set and experience. Our interdisciplinary fixation is your asset. It may appear to be a lot, but we handle the complicated so that you can benefit from the simplified paradigm.


    We operate nine subsidiary concepts. Click here for details about each concept, including services and/or products. To schedule a consultation or request services and products, submit inquiries using the link provided for each concept. Contact us also on Twitter or Instagram using the link provided or by using the hashtag for each concept (i.e. #1of9 for Natural Rhythms Pub. Co or #2of9 for Eargasm Records). Please allow 24 hours for response.

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