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Resolutions. Schm-esolutions! Instead, be resolved.

So if you didn't know ... or haven't heard... I'm a scientist. 🙋🏾🔬 More than anything else. Science, admittedly, is my sum total. Despite the incessant averring of academic bullies... But I digress. As I was setting out to explain from my Instagram V.I.Peek... Scientists have a very different perspective of "failure." Societally, it's taken so literally, negatively and even toward one's self-actualization or detriment thereof... Scientists, however, need failure... Seriously, we - scientists - NEED failure...even desire it through iterative experimentation. We thrive in stuff NOT working ... Because we live for discovering what DOES work. We need it for discovery - finding out what works and what does not ... and moreover, to what extent and oppositely under what maximal or minimal conditions... You see, we scientists are seeking what works and in order to do so most effectively ... usually such inseparably entails discovering what DOES NOT work first. I'm sure you've heard the famous quote about Thomas Edison's 999 failed attempts at inventing the light bulb: Supposedly, a French reporter asked, “Mr. Edison, how did it feel to fail 999 times?” Thomas Edison smiled and replied, “Young man, I have not failed 999 times. I have simply found 999 ways how not to create a light bulb.”...whether or not this story is factual... It is factual insight into the scientists' mindset... We, scientists, are often even cocky about it. Cocky about our "failure." Because we do not view failure as society promulgates .. a disease of the weakest link, easily discouraged and dissuaded, the bottom of the barrel, the bane of society, the pitiful party pooper... But... This, FAILURE, YES! FAILURE! the essence behind my seemingly backwards assertion to stop making resolutions... Especially coming from a Type A high-achiever, divergent personality like myself... Right? Why exactly would Queen Get 'Er Done advise me to stop making resolutions? Hypocrite. The Queen of Resolved arguing against resolute goal setting? Indeed, I am... and adamantly so. Because let's all face it ... Truth is, failure by societal standards ain't cool. And making resolutions, by societal standards, is...and yet somehow simultaneously just something most perpetuate BUT HAVE NO SINCERE INTENTIONS OF FOLLOWING THROUGH ... Like they say, "It sounds good," and sarcastically so, often even literally calling-you-out-on-your-bs so. Making resolutions "sounds good." It does. For the psyche, it probably feels good as well, if but only for the moment of saying it until the reality of NOT doing it sets in. Asserting a renewed commitment to fitness and holistic health "sounds good." "Stopping" any and all bad behavior "sounds good." So, I'm calling BULL SHIT on it all. STOP MAKING RESOLUTIONS. In fact, when someone begins to utter their New Year's resolutions, don't you "mentally" roll your eyes at that person?! Some of you probably actually do roll your eyes at THAT person. Don't be THAT person.

It's time to set out to make iterative steps toward a specific and strategic, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-related PLAN. S.I.P. Slow. Go, grow.™ My incessant Twitter and Instagram posts are not merely soundbites for #BlackTwitter or #InstaFame ...Strategic. Implementation. Plan. "S.I.P." It's a best practice recipe for resolve. The ingredients and measurements and tools vary ... but the goal is par and actually exceeds what we know to be the definition of resolutions. You see, this PLAN is not just an intention. It is strategies in if-then scenarios of iterations toward ... You got it - RESOLVE. Resolve is inherent with iterations. Resolve is inseparable in the scientific method. Approach your life with these scientific principles instead. Stop intending to be resolved, and just be RESOLVED. Resolve to change your perspective of failure. Enter a world where failure is no longer failure. Failing at the peer pressured annual resolutions no longer entails the infamous Scarlett F or the more modernized forehead "L." Where failure is a step in the process of your success, AND SEASONING for your legacy and True E! Hollywood Story, Wikipedia record, Historical Account, Smithsonian exhibit...Guiness Book of World Records... Fail... But no longer miserably. Fail forward... successfully. Strategize so effectively and efficiently that you become a Navy Seal level expert in your specialization or aspirations. That your if-then tactical analysis in approaching obstacles and opportunities takes seconds rather than days, months and years ... Back when you USED to make annual resolutions. Get it?! I believe in you! I believe in your power! So, dare to fail. In doing so, something tells me you just might unveil your greatness.
Oh, and by the way ... I failed at least 7 times at posting this blog entry correctly. It ain't quite where I want it, but I'm resolved to get better. 😘
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