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Tigress Sydney Acute McDaniel was born, Tosha Renae McDougal, on December 5, 1976, in Greensboro, North Carolina. She attended a private school during her early education, and was later enrolled in Erwin Elementary in Greensboro, North Carolina where she continued to advance one year ahead of students her age. She participated and excelled in performing arts productions at Erwin Elementary. During her pre-teen years and while attending Lincoln Middle School, also in Greensboro, North Carolina, she simultaneously completed a professional modeling certificate program at John Casablanca Modeling School, following in the footsteps of her mother, a professional print and runway model, breaking the barriers against darker complexioned African American women during the 1960s. McDaniel participated as a Junior Varsity Cheerleader at Lincoln Middle, played community softball, maintained Honor Roll status, while completing semi-professional model assignments with J C Penney, Four Seasons Town Centre, and Stein Mart Prom Fashion Show and Winston Salem Annual Bridal Show circuits for many years to follow. Although McDaniel was on the fast track toward a blossoming career in the Performing Arts and Entertainment Industry, she was more commonly known to steal away independently or lead treks into the expansive wilderness areas surrounding her neighborhood, then a rather popular middle class large apartment complex, known affectionately as simply "Creek Bend" by Greensboro residents. She'd spend endless hours collecting and classifying rocks, observing and sampling the ponds, and watching the activity and making pets of earthworms. Science, and Mathematics, indeed proved to be her strengths, advantage, and even greatest blessings. In 1990, she started the final chapter of her primary education at the historic predominantly Black high school, James Benson Dudley High School located across the street from Lincoln Middle, and a short 10 minute walk from Ross Court neighborhood, where her grandmother and grandfather raised her mother, 3 aunts and twin uncles. At Dudley, she continued to excel academically, athletically, socially and governmentally. She served as Parliamentarian for Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Queen and Treasurer of Junior Civitans, active member of Future Farmers of America (FFA), Varsity Cheerleader, received Scholar Athlete as both a veteran Varsity Cheerleader, track athlete short distance and Dance co-captain and a centerfield softball player, a position admittedly gained only because the softball program was new and desperately needed participants. She started right field, and earned the centerfield position and award for her natural athleticism and hard work. She was also amongst the first inductees for the inceptive installation of the renown Dudley Ladies Mentorship and Scholarship Program founded and established by Joe Dudley of the Dudley Products hair and beauty care empire. She even participated in the highly acclaimed Ms. Dudley Pageant. Despite not winning or placing, she participated in that year's court during Homecoming in 1994. Having a relatively disciplinary driven childhood, with a family full of military including her father who served in the Army 82nd Airborne Division, self-discipline was not a foreign undertaking. Upon graduating with High Honors, amongst the top 10 percent of her class, she was accepted to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and immediately enrolled in the Fall semester of 1994. She had also been accepted to North Carolina Agricultural Technical State University, and after placing runner up in the 1994 Ms. Black Greensboro Pageant which afforded a partial scholarship, but only if used at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, an highly acclaimed HBCU. Because McDaniel had attended predominantly Black schools after early private school education, however, the need to prove to herself that she could equally excel at a PWU was the driving force which ultimately led to her decision to forfeit her partial scholarship to experience prestigious UNC. She unofficially declared Environmental Law as her major. Undertaking general core Freshmen courses, she also continued her modeling and student body government interests by participating in Concept Modeling Troupe and as an active member of the Black Student Movement (BSM). She also began to express herself artistically in BSM Spoken Word performances. She auditioned for High Kicking Heels, the UNC Dance Team, but an hamstring injury during the week-long try-outs quickly ended that goal. Due to her height, 5'9" she couldn't participate in the collegiate competition cheerleading program. Even in high school, her height kept her from participating as a flyer on the Varsity Cheerleading squad. She was a base, and the strength training and athleticism for the same is primary reason for her life of and love for fitness. With cheerleading and dance no longer on the table, she studied Jujitsu under UNC faculty instead. Her freshman year ended and she felt no more accomplished having completed her first year in her academic career at a PWU; and because she'd always closely watched the more accredited and unmatched interdisciplinary School of Agriculture degree programs at NC A&T SU, she immediately pursued transfer to set her sincerest academic goals in motion. She applied, was accepted and after taking one semester off enrolled at A&T in the Fall semester of 1995. She went on to complete her BS degree in Agricultural Education with a concentration in Earth and Environmental Science in May of 1998. During her baccalaureate pursuit, she continued participation in student body government and other extracurricular activities, including FFA, Choreographer and Model with Verge Modeling Troupe and Parliamentarian, Co-Treasurer and Queen of AGGIE Q.U.E.E.N.S. Mentorship program founded by Bridgette Herring, former Ms. NC A&T SU. She was so committed to the advancement of Agriculture and Environmental Science and the institution and furtherance of Environmental Policy and Law that she served closely alongside her mentors, Chancellor James Carmichael Renick, Dr. Godfrey Uzochukwu and Dr. Francis O. Walson, as a Community and University affiliate Ombudsman for Black Small Farmers and customarily served in an instrumental capacity with February One campus and community ceremonies and activities, which annually honored the Aggie or Greensboro Four of the monumentally historic Sit In Movement at the Woolworth's eatery counter in Downtown Greensboro, North Carolina. With her BS degree, she also completed all requirements to earn the Waste Management Institute Certificate, achieving the same amongst the inceptive installation of this academically ground-breaking certificate program founded and guided by her mentor, Dr. Godfrey Uzochukwu. With her sights set firmly upon Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, she immediately matriculated into the Master's program at A&T. Because she had long been enamored by ponds, rivers, and all ecosystems amid standing water, she pursued wetland bioremediation for her thesis research. However, the only site on campus with ongoing wetland studies was the Swine Unit. And the only way to get her hands "wet" was to also work as a general work study laborer, having nearly exclusive duties managing and breeding the hogs and piglets. What was a headstrong girl to do but accept the challenge head on. That work assignment forged her mark on Aggie history, becoming the first ever female to work at the Swine Unit in that capacity. Her rich athletic experience soon proved her to be anything but just another mere paper-grading, data-entering grad student, and instead she excelled at Swine Husbandry, including but not limited to castration, feeding, herding, teeth clipping and ear tagging. She was even known to keep up with the guys and join them for after-shift barbecue at Stamey's Restaurant still located on High Point Road, now Gate City Boulevard, across from the Greensboro Coliseum. Her graduate study was an immersion of wetland bioremediation, recycling facility waste into drinking water, and swine husbandry. She excelled at the Economics academia and its implications to Development of Rural NC as well. She interned with Karen Neil, Horticulture Extension Agent, of the Guilford County Cooperative Extension Service. By this time, the Advance Waste Management Institute certificate program was fully underway, and she completed all requirements to further round out her graduate degree to earn the advanced certificate, again amongst the inceptive installation for graduate students. Before completing her thesis requirements, she was in a major car accident and suffered multiple fractures to her pelvis. The diagnosis was grim. Doctors warned that she wouldn't walk again before the next year. A&T stood supportedly behind her, literally, as she crossed the stage in a wheel chair, and permitted participation in the graduation ceremony that she was set to attend before the car accident. With a Master's Equivalent only and having already received acceptance into the North Carolina Central University School of Law, which had been named the number 1 law program for African American women that year (2002), McDaniel forged ahead promising herself that she'd finalize her MS without undue delay as she simultaneously completed her first year law school courses. In July 2002, another unexpected life event occurred. Her father was found dead behind a bar, having lost the battle with alcoholism and epilepsy, which is cause for the infamous lyric in her highly acclaimed poetry from her video album, "Walking Contradiction," the first ever anthology album produced exclusively by an independent, unsigned artist, only preceded by the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and R&B Vocalist Phenom, Beyonce' Knowles, later referenced in this biography. After honorable discharge from the military, difficulty securing a position with one of the local companies that regularly employed and supported the viability and advancement of veterans, he turned to alcohol for consolation from seemingly worsening economic failure. Despite the divorce of her parents many years before, her mother and father remained close friends, and McDaniel maintained a close relationship with her father. He was partly responsible for her name change, having nicknamed her "Tigress" at an early age. He was advent artist during high school where her parents met, and his favorite subject was, of course, the tiger. His death was crushing, yet in perfect military brat and type A personality, the product of her parents, she channeled all would-be negative energy toward rehabilitation to walk again and completing her first year of law school. She was walking within 6 months, well ahead of schedule slated by her doctors. As far as Central law school, however, the school her father helped her decide upon, she was unimpressed by the lack of ethical rigor. There was definitely no lack of academic rigor, but she was definitely ousted as the black sheep of the freshman class. What sealed her "fate" or what would later be more renown as her resolve toward the Greater Good was a remark made by one of her law professors after she answered a question posed during class. McDaniel answered with ethical inclination, and her professor scolded her, demeaningly asserting that "there was no ethics in the body of law." This continued to resonate with McDaniel, and she withdrew before even the close of that first year.
At this point, McDaniel had a BS, an MS Equivalent and one year's worth of law school. It was now the year of 2003, and she decided it was time to take a break from her academic career. She worked as a Ranger with the National Park Service alongside Border Patrol at two summer border parks. Having always had a commitment to starting a family of her own, she was dissuaded from the Ranger career because her duties were more law enforcement related; and because these were border parks, danger was daily at issue. She desired still yet a hiatus from the rigor that she'd so become accustomed. It was time to pursue her entrepreneurial aspirations that she had previously postponed until finishing law school.
Having always a love for anything and everything culinary and an opportunity presented itself, she opened a restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky with a longtime family friend, who was a renown socialite in the "Luh"ville circuit. It was quickly successful until burst pipes stemming from slumlord practices made her debut entrepreneurial endeavor come to a screeching halt. But McDaniel was no less enamored with the entrepreneurial spirit, and started her very own - Modeling and Performing Arts Training Firm, Choreographic, which was rather successful.
Because academia is her first love, she applied and was accepted without condition on the basis of her colorful professional experience as a model and performing artist to the highly accredited, world renown University of Louisville Master of Fine Arts degree program, where she excelled with Theatre Acting as her academic track. She landed innumerable leading roles in University productions, and wowed audiences of fellow students, faculty and other University officials, and community residents. Her schedule was full, running Choreographic with a waiting list of aspiring child stars and completing her MFA studies. After completing the first year during a progress review session, McDaniel's advisor reminded her that she would no less a professionally trained artist if she did not finish the MFA program. At first McDaniel felt slighted and insulted, but soon realized that her advisor was right. McDaniel had given the respect due her craft by undertaking advanced professional training, but admittedly it was not absolutely necessary. She had proven her ability to excel in the Arts. She ultimately withdrew from the program, and focused all of her energy into building what would become the start of her entrepreneurial empire.
All was progressing amazingly well until parents of her students began complaining of being overcharged. McDaniel had accepted a proposal from another local Modeling School to serve as an independent instructor and Community Events Liaison. At this point in her rise, she was regularly performing in Louisville and Cincinnati at popular spoken word venues, and in theatrical productions. McDaniel contested the alleged overcharging and with a firm disposition of high ethical rigor advocated for the parents against the partner school. The franchise owner of the partner school was infuriated, and terminated McDaniel's contract. The parents responded by withdrawing their children and enrolling them into her program. This unfortunately positioned McDaniel as an enemy of the previous affiliate. Concerning her final payout, McDaniel was wrongfully accused of forgery in an act of lowball retaliation. This was no small matter. McDaniel was now facing felony charges. Unbeknownst to the franchise owner, McDaniel was far from ignorant of the law. After undergoing a hearing to determine whether or not she was fit to proceed Pro Se, and favorably so, she successfully litigated her case and the charges were dismissed. It appeared that her legal education, beit considerably short-lived and incomplete, was not all in vain.
In a surprising turn of events, the franchise owner was later brought up on charges of forging her lawyers' signature.
McDaniel was rightfully free again to continue her life's pursuits...or so she thought. This was beginning of would-be life catastrophes that she would instead transform into and toward her publicly celebrated and widely respected resolve toward the Greater Good. Read the full story in her upcoming autobiographical book, My Sum Total, slated for release initially in December 2015 and recently postponed to December 2016.
Since 2004, McDaniel has run for Greensboro City Council and North Carolina State Legislature while pursuing her PhD at her alma mater, A&T, in Energy and Environmental Systems and Economics. As of October 23, 2016, she has achieved PhD candidacy. Follow her story also at the ballotpedia page.
Post Script: This text has been uploaded as a draft article to Wikipedia, which was first deleted under a knowingly false assertion that the text lacked verifiable sources and violated policies against unambiguous advertising or promotion. See
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The purpose of the notices above is to maintain civility, clean hands and transparency during the rise of her academic contributions and political career. The mere mention of the upcoming autobiographical book is not substantiation to argue unambiguous advertising or promotion. Only to the simple-minded would such markedly short and plain statement be par to an advertising or promotional campaign. There are ample platforms via social media, which are considerably more reputable and favorably received and visited by the general public, than a Wikipedia article. The sole purpose of uploading the biographical information was to effectually facilitate the promulgation of the "story" in whole versus part. Especially as it directly relates to McDaniel's name change, which would seem common-sensically necessary, evidently journalists, bloggers and writers in general, are either unaware or unskilled in using search engines to verify or even seek out information about McDaniel before changing her name in 2004. Truthfully, it can be argued that she achieved more under her birth name than she has to date under her new legal name. Moreover, to make the record plain and clear, McDaniel is NOT merely a North Carolinian politician, and her mark on the world is far from useless, in terms of academia, research and advancement in Environmental Sciences and Sustainability (which is the trendy term for her, anything but merely trendy, field), social justice, and the economic viability of performing artists. Nonetheless, consider the information gifted under discretionary limitation. To all writers and such, permission for use will be necessary and legally required. All copyrights are reserved since 2008. The posting of this text on our private corporate website, beit available for public viewing, does not constitute or transfer any right of use, in part or whole, in paraphrasing or direct citation.      
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