• A dream conferred.

    The blue ain't just cosmetic ... go ahead and click on "Aboveground Railroad" above ... We've incorporated and launched!

    They say, "Create your own destiny." Well, let's.

    The pencil is mightier than the sword.

    I think we've had our fill of the story of "they."

    We should write our own history ... and future.

    Religion vs. Enlightenment

    I know this will be tough for some to "swallow," but mindless religion is non-productive. An apt moral compass can be had without strict adherence to traditional modes of religion.

    No, we're NOT atheist. We ARE, however, optimists and realists ... who see good church going folk suffering ... when they should be thriving. We see the homeless ... STILL homeless. If we take ownership for our morality and humanity, these things just simply could NOT persist.

    Join us in our efforts to liberate the emotionally and mentally enslaved.

    Conspicuously. Unapologetically. Uhuru!

    Our Bank. YOUR Bank.

    We-Owned Community Credit Unions

    are no longer merely lip service.

    Similar to our for profit model, we believe that economic freedom is key to true happiness. The pursuit of happiness is said to be one of our inalienable rights; I think it's high time we assert our rights.

    Higher Learning

    It ain't JUST a movie y'all.

    Our communities are suffering from lack of resources to apply, afford to attend, and excel at academia. We are missing out on the potential of the brightest minds, because of this "barrier." We believe that is unacceptable. We, therefore, choose to be a resource for higher learning.

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