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    One Vision. 9 Concepts. Fa​vor and Vision. Done. 

  • Real artists. Real scientists. Real economists. Real entrepreneurs.

    Expert of what was. Pioneer and Liaison of what should and can be.


    ||| Business Viability & Strategic Planning/Implementation |||

    || Performing Arts and Entertainment Entrepreneurship ||

    | EnviroSustainability, Ecological Mitigation & Wetland Phytoremediation |


    Welcome to the evolution of consulting.

  • Who We Are

    "Hi, I'm Sue... And You!"

    Expert of what was. Pioneer and Liaison of what should be.

    Coined by Manoj Bhargava, "expert of what was" is definitely a befitting descriptor for our consulting paradigm. However, what makes us different and invaluable to your growing business and corporate and entrepreneurial ventures is our focus on critical thinking and strategic planning. Core to the field of Leadership Studies, we specialize in the "what should be" lens. Further, we believe that "what should be" CAN be. Because we are visionaries and innovators, complacency in "this-is-how-we-have-done-it-for-years" is the absolute opposite of our consulting approach. We assert evolution is an inseparable component of business viability. We also acknowledge that we do not and can not possibly know everything. Instead of talking AT our clients, we facilitate critical thinking opportunities and guide the participative sessions toward business enlightenment. Contact us today for a consultation and we'll tell you more.  


    To provide expert knowledge in the Arts and Entertainment, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and Business Economics, beit academic, experiential or common-sensical, and pioneer innovative approaches toward business viability while facilitating and otherwise liaising the process of business enlightenment.


    As visionaries, for all intents and purposes, our intense purpose is to "S.I.P. slow; Go, grow." What does that mean? Straightly, S.I.P. is acronymous for "strategic implementation plan." That being clarified, we have set our objective compass toward "slow, deliberate, thoughtful, strategic planning" and allowing the benefits afforded by the same to actively grow us ... again, on purpose. As we continually undergo this strategic calibration of sorts, we are best positioned to serve as an asset to our clients, both professionally and holistically. Clearly, we take business enlightenment pretty seriously. Favor and Vision. Done ... or at least "doing!"

    Business Viability and Strategic Planning & Implementation

    Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial viability is our "thing." Every successful, viable entrepreneur needs an expert strategist to guide planning and implementation. Why hire a full-time staff member to service your needs ... as subcontractors, we are an invaluable asset to your firm. For nearly half of what you pay an employee annually, we provide the services you KNOW that you need ... and more importantly, those services you DON'T KNOW that you need. When you do that benefit-cost analysis, our benefit to you is priceless.


    We embrace continued learning as core to our scope of duties. Our efficacy is guaranteed because we continue to grow on purpose, which serves as a renewable resource to your firm. And no, you will not receive a corrected invoice for tuition reimbursement. Allowing us to lead the business enlightenment process, you can focus instead on running your firm with greater ease. Minimizing your labor costs and maximizing your working and investment capital, real profits - not just padded bookkeeping ledgers - are realized and maximized. Success and viability is, then, a reasonable byproduct of our consulting paradigm and services.

    Performing Arts and Entertainment Entrepreneurship

    Too often artists starve. Contrary to popular belief, "starving artist" is NOT an endearing term. We believe one's talent is indeed a viable commodity, and should be employed toward entrepreneurial viability. We teach artists how to adjust their perspective toward economic principles and freedom. We love and appreciate the Arts. We know that the Arts industry is a billion dollar enterprise. We also know that most artists are NOT billionaires ... or even millionaires ... oh who are we kidding, most aren't even clearing 40K annually. We have borrowed academic training and professional expertise and experience from our unique innovative paradigm to lend the guidance and support artists aspiring to be entrepreneurs need to be financially stable, and even economically viable. If IP (intellectual property) is an increasingly profitable industry, why not an artists' talent?! Correct us if we're wrong (and we assuredly are NOT) but we reckon ART would be a bit LESS artistic without the ARTIST. No, we are NOT inciting an artist revolt, rather renewing the perspective of commoditization. If anyone, we think the artists should benefit from value of their talents, at the very least. NO MORE STARVING ARTISTS! Ready to thrive? Contact us today! 

    EnviroSustainability, Ecological Mitigation & Wetland Phytoremediation

    We seldom mince words ... so why start now?! Sustainability consultants with NO science academia, training and experience are like medical doctors with no biology coursework or training ... engineers and no math. It's especially and justifiably odd. Our Sustainability Consultant is not only an advanced academically trained and experienced scientist ... she is also currently pursuing the Federal Licensure for Sustainability Scientists. She has served as a Lead Scientist for Savannah River Site Nuclear Power Plant, the National Park Service and private environmental firms, during and after her academic career. Research projects have included nuclear waste mitigation services and implementation, refuse cells management and conversion, wetland bio/phytoremediation and husbandry. When you need to bust a ghost, "who you gonna call?" So, when you need to go green, embrace environmental stewardship and comply with new environmental policy, call us. We ain't afraid of no waste!

    QGED Participative Sessions and Speaking Engagements & Presentations

    We are available for:

    • Speaking engagements (Radio, College/University, Public/Private Schools, Organizations, Ceremonies, Etc);
    • Participative corporate, small business firm and one-on-one training; 
    • And formal presentations (College/University, Public/Private Schools, Organizations, Ceremonies, Etc)

    Contact us for a consultation today!

    ... But What About All That Other Stuff We Do?!

    Indeed, there is more to our private corporation, but we like to think of it all as "simple math." Reason being, our subsidiary concepts entail services and products that are directly related to our core thrusts. Effectually, the "other stuff we do" are complimentary goods and services to our core offerings. For instance, because we offer business consulting, we also offer graphic design for logo branding and marketing media. And because we offer performing arts consulting, we also offer eResume platforms for freelance artists. We believe that if you buy coffee from us, why would we send you to another store to buy cream and sugar ... especially if we can efficiently provide those complimentary goods! Coffee plus cream and/or sugar equals a satisfied client. It's simple really - the ABCs of fundamental economics even. We have the academia, skill set and experience. Our interdisciplinary fixation is your asset. It may appear to be a lot, but we handle the complicated so that you can benefit from the simplified paradigm.  


    We operate nine subsidiary concepts. Below you'll find details about each concept, including services and/or products. To schedule a consultation or request services and products, submit inquiries using the link provided for each concept. Contact us also on Twitter or Instagram using the link provided or by using the hashtag for each concept (i.e. #1of9 for Natural Rhythms Pub. Co or #2of9 for Eargasm Records). Please allow 24 hours for response.      

  • What We Do

    9 Concepts || See Tigress do. || Ya Veras

    Natural Rhythms Pub. Co. || 1 of 9

    Insight by dim light. Enwrite for life. <> See Tigress write.

    Our mission is to self-actualize the full potential of intuitive creativity, and enwrite and capture inspired ingenuity in audio/video recording. Our vision is to produce really good, thought-provoking, ingenius, artistic and
    literary works that enlighten the masses.


    Services and Products:

    • Freelance writing - Creative, Technical (Scientific), and Promo Media
    • Audio Books of Poetry (Available for purchase at Google Play.) 

    Contact Us || Twitter

    Eargasm Records || 2 of 9

    Vienes conmigo. <> See Tigress create.

    Our mission is to make ORIGINAL music, write ORIGINAL lyrics, perform
    ORIGINAL songs, and employ ORIGINAL artists. Our vision is to maintain INDIEpendence, and remain economically and artistically viable. Purchase Tigress' downable albums at Google Play. Limited edition autographed copies of Tigress' 2015 Anthology Video Album available until December 5, 2015. We record exclusively at Roland Professional Sound, Inc. located in Winston Salem, NC.


    Services and Products:

    • Live Vocal Performances - Anthems, Ceremonies, & Entertainment
    • Music Albums & THE First EVER INDIE Video Album (Google Play.)

    Contact Us || Twitter || Instagram

    Choreographic || 3 of 9

    ... Building INDIE lives. <> See Tigress perform.

    Our mission is to build artistically and exclusively INDIEpendent lives in the Arts, and marry Arts and Economics and Entrepreneurship.

    Our vision is to transform starving artists into thriving artists via business acuity, legitimacy, and high ethical standards.


    Services and Products:

    • Choreography - Theatre Blocking, Dance, & Modeling(Hair/Fashion)
    • Graphic Design - Logo/Branding, Print Media & General Design (PS)
    • Coaching - Fashion/Print Modeling, Acting, Modeling & Pageantry
    • Contractor For Hire - Modeling, Acting (TV/Theatre), VoiceOver 

    Contact Us || Twitter 

    Bestaurants and Bars Above Par || 4 of 9

    We double dare you to follow your passion. <> See Tigress cook.

    Our mission is to establish restaurants above par and offer menus with holistic dietary practices that rival mainstream standard dishes. Our vision is to bring people BACK together through the PASSION of the culinary arts. Our projects include Passion Fruit Wine and Jazz Bar, launched in May 2009 and the FIRST EVER For Profit Arts Cooperative, Passion Live, launched November 2013 in Historic Downtown Greensboro, NC.



    • Passion - Restaurant and Bar Above Par
    • Passion Live - THE First EVER For Profit Arts Cooperative (Re-Launch Date TBA 2016)
    • Passion Fruit - Wine and Jazz (Re-Launch Date TBA 2017) 

    Contact Us || Twitter

    Gemini Genesis 3.7 Apparel || 5 of 9

    In the beginning, there should've been fashion. <> See Tigress strut.

    Our mission is to manipulate standard designs with simple and unexpected alterations to create designs that bring out one’s inner strut.

    Our vision is to pioneer gaudy as sophisticated and haute couture that can be worn any given day.


    Services and Products:

    • Apparel for Sophisticated Women (See "Buy Other Stuff" Link)
    • Company Paraphernalia (Corporate and 5 of 9)
    • Custom Garment Construction (By Appointment Only || b.a.o.)

    Contact Us || Twitter || Instagram


    GOBO Media Group || 6 of 9

    Light is a noun ... and a verb. <> See Tigress shine.

    Our mission is to create unrivaled positive media content which is entertaining, enLIGHTening and relatable to diverse audiences. Our vision is to enLIGHTen and promote character development, emotional intelligence, inner well-being and holistic health.


    Concepts and Services:

    • Radio Programming - Lo Dice Y Que Talk Radio Show
    • Contractor For Hire - VoiceOver (Sports, Venues, Commercials, Etc)

    Contact Us || Twitter

    All This Junk In My Trunk || 7 of 9

    You know you want all of this. <> See Tigress transform.

    Our mission is to retail junk from my trunk that has been repurposed, recycled or restored. Our vision is to make “what goes around comes around” positive and permeate the culture of sustainability and holistic living.


    Services and Products:

    • Repurposed Junk - Painting, Distressing, Hardware Update, Etc
    • Personal Shopping/Thrift Training (We teach you Junk vs. Treasure!)

    Contact Us || Twitter || Instagram

    Queen Get'Er Done Consulting || 8 of 9

    Get your Q'GED' in business viability. <> See Tigress empower.

    Our mission is to provide business consulting and administrative services toward entrepreneurship, business acuity, and economic viability. Our vision is to produce moguls through an interdisciplinary approach toward viability utilizing individualized skill sets. Call today for $25 consultation.



    • Business Viability (Entrepreneur & Corporate Training/Consulting)
    • Economic Forecasting 
    • Strategic Planning and Implementation
    • EnviroSustainability and B Corporation Certification
    • Performing Arts Consultants (We specialize in training artists from all sectors of the Arts and Entertainment Industry who aspire to be entrepreneurs how to manage their talent(s) as a commodity and thrive.) 

    Contact Us || Twitter

    522 Philanthropy || 9 of 9

    Do good ... just because. <> See Tigress love.

    Our mission is to do good ... just because. Our vision is to bring into full fruition the audacity of hope and self-actualization. Current projects include Queen of Hearts, Southern Hospitality (TSHP), Angels Unaware, and The Aboveground Railroad Commission (ARC).


    Because we seek to do good just because, we do not actively engage commercial advertisement of our projects. We do, however, engage our audience, volunteers and fellow philanthropists via social media. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.


    Contact Us || TSHP Twitter || ARC Twitter

  • Our Driving Force

    We've got a top notch team! 

    Tigress Sydney Acute McDaniel

    Chief Strategic Officer

    • Graduate of John Casablanca Modeling School
    • B.S. Agricultural Education and Envrionmental Science
    • M.S. Ag Economics/Rural Devel./Swine Husbandry/Wetland Bioremediation
    • Certified Performing Arts Instructor (Vocational Board of Ed. Kentucky)
    • M.F.A. Studies - Theatre Acting and Production
    • PhD ABD '16, Energy & Enviro. Sci. & Economics/Wetland Phytoremediation
    • 12 HRS Doctoral Level Coursework in Leadership Studies & Strategic Planning and Implementation
    • Co-Author, Busy Vs. Business: Simple Math - The Entrepreneurship Manual

    Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | IMDb | Academia | Ballotpedia | Google Scholar 

    Rosa Renae McDaniel

    General Manager Emeritus

    • Retired Semi-Professional Fashion and Print Model
    • Master Tailor/Seamstress
    • Retired Entrepreneur
    • Holistic Medicine & Well-Being Specialist 

    John Lewis

    Chief Merchandising and Product Design Affiliate

    Twitter || Instagram || Facebook || YouTube

    Janisha Green ::: Femme Vivant

    criarde Spokesmodel || Gemini Genesis 3.7 Apparel

    • Professional Runway Model (Print/Fashion) 

    Twitter || Instagram || YouTube

    "King" Asa McDaniel 

    Chief Youth Advisor || King Asa Enterprises

    • Child Actor and Merchandise Designer

    Twitter || Instagram || YouTube

  • Lo Dice Y Que || The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, philosophizing and ruminations.

  • What Up Yo?! || Contact Us

    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.

  • Shop Eargasm Records || 2 of 9

    Five albums on Google Play by Tigress to add to your music library! Limited autographed copies available until January 2, 2016!

    Tigress :: Vocal Athlete

    Tigress first recorded in 2000, with her debut ballad - Faith. Since then, she has INDIEpendently produced 3 longplay music albums, 1 shortplay music album, 1 poetry audio book and THE First EVER exclusively INDIEpendent Anthology Video Album. Only two artists in the history of music and performance have made that pioneer stamp on the world: the legendary Michael Jackson and the incomparable Beyonce' Knowles. Boasting 9 original songs and video concepts, Tigress has proven that INDIEpendence can be a viable road in the music industry. Get your copies now at Google Play.

    Walking Contradiction

    Video Anthology Album

    Released February 2, 2015


    Watch music videos for album above.

    Underworld: Full Moon

    Released OCTOBER 1, 2009


    Watch music videos from this album:



    Released September 9, 2005


    Divine Phlegm: 

    My Secrets 

    Released October 1, 2005


  • Shop Gemini Genesis 3.7 Apparel || 5 of 9

    Designer Collections: samedi dimanche || criarde || b.a.o. || hashbrown || w.e. bragwell || boogzee mommy 

  • Social Feed

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  • Philanthropic Projects || 9 of 9 || See Tigress love.

    THE Pencil Campaign and THE Aboveground Railroad Commission

    It is time to rewrite history and pen the future, with real change central to the plot. For more information, send all inquiries to 522@queengeterdone.com.

    huMANity Anthem

    By Tyrone, Tigress, & TC 

    A collaborative music and video production by Eargasm Records (Tigress), Hankokku Videography/Photography (Tyrone Combs), Tyson Carr (Saxophonist), and Artist for Justice (Organized By Keisha "HIStory" McKane) in honor of those who've lost their lives to police brutality and their families. Support the movement! BUY NOW All proceeds are donated to the families and/or projects for police reform. 


    Watch music video in our gallery or click here.

  • Corporate Filings, Docs and Other Legal Docs

    In the spirit of transparency, and burden of proof ... We release these docs for your review and scrutiny.

    We thank you in advance for your continued support.

    Our commitment, zeal, fortitude, efficacy, transparency and ethics are asserted and rest upon, "Truth is."


    Follow our journey in the purSUEt of happyness.

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