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    Tigress Sydney Acute McDaniel

    Chief Strategic Officer

    • Graduate of John Casablanca Modeling School
    • B.S. Agricultural Education and Envrionmental Science
    • M.S. Ag Economics/Rural Devel./Swine Husbandry/Wetland Bioremediation
    • Certified Performing Arts Instructor (Vocational Board of Ed. Kentucky)
    • M.F.A. Studies - Theatre Acting and Production
    • PhD ABD '16, Energy & Enviro. Sci. & Economics/Wetland Phytoremediation
    • 12 HRS Doctoral Level Coursework in Leadership Studies & Strategic Planning and Implementation
    • Co-Author, Busy Vs. Business: Simple Math - The Entrepreneurship Manual

    Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | IMDb | Academia | Ballotpedia | Google Scholar 

    Rosa Renae McDaniel

    General Manager Emeritus

    • Retired Semi-Professional Fashion and Print Model
    • Master Tailor/Seamstress
    • Retired Entrepreneur
    • Holistic Medicine & Well-Being Specialist 

    John Lewis

    Chief Merchandising and Product Design Affiliate

    Twitter || Instagram || Facebook || YouTube

    Janisha Green ::: Femme Vivant

    criarde Spokesmodel || Gemini Genesis 3.7 Apparel

    • Professional Runway Model (Print/Fashion) 

    Twitter || Instagram || YouTube

    "King" Asa McDaniel 

    Chief Youth Advisor || King Asa Enterprises

    • Child Actor and Merchandise Designer

    Twitter || Instagram || YouTube

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